Corporate Social Responsibility

We are ardent and committed to being a valuable contributor to the community by encouraging community service where we live and work whether as volunteers, donors or sponsors.

  • We believe that community service is our moral social obligation and is the very purpose of life and not something we do in our spare time. It has been a hallmark of our company through its 25+ years of history.

    This service philosophy is reinforced in us every time we serve a customer or a supplier, and we show the same care and commitment to community service.

    We have a team, under the patronage of our Chairman who is a philanthropist, dedicated to charitable work that provides continuous moral guidance and support to the community. 

  • One of our social responsibilities is to support the services of Patients Friends Committee in the Kingdom. Enhancement of human awareness is part of the program undertaken by us.

    We also participate in various environmental campaigns in the region with the mission of keeping the environment clean.