Human Resources

Our aspiration to be “An Employer of Choice” for a diverse workforce in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Human Resources Management

    We strongly believe that human resources management is critical to the wellbeing of the employees and the organization. The performance of the organization is determined by the environment and culture we create. Moreover, core skills and competencies are a must for sustaining performance. Efficient business processes, clear responsibilities and accountabilities and an equitable measure of performance and rewards are essential for motivated human resources. Our human resource policies are based on our understanding of the above in due consideration of most aspects of human resources management

    Organizational Culture

    We maintain an organizational culture within that nurtures good working conditions, with utmost importance to health, safety and environment.

  • Talent Management

    We launch HR programs to develop, retain and reward our employees with an aim to attract new talents to our organization. We attract young Saudi nationals to our organization as part of our commitment to building the nation’s human resources

    Employee Motivation

    We focus on continual improvement of business processes and related areas across the organization that helps to motivate our employees to work towards achieving organizational development thus sustaining business growth.