Key Facilities & Equipment

Al Qaryan Group has invested in complex and extensive facilities, as well as latest high-tech equipment, in order to ensure that its clients receive only the very finest quality and service. All of these facilities and equipment are maintained and run by skilled and trained personnel who are ever willing to help clients get best value.

This inventory includes, but is not limited to, well equipped yards, metal recycling plants, copper recycling plants, metal shearing plants, metal pressing plants, spectrometer/analyser, radiation detectors, and heavy duty weighing scales. Moreover, there is a fleet of heavy vehicles and equipment.

Metal Recycling Plant


Metal Scrap Yard

Yard with material-1

Metal Shearing Plant

Vezzani image good one

Aluminium Baler Pressing Plant


Copper Recycling Plant


Used Beverage Cans Processing Plant


Radiation Detector


Weighing Scale