Company Overview

  • overview

  • With headquarters in Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Al Qaryan Group is a leading metal recycling, processing and trading company with strong regional and global presence.

    Founded in 1988, Al Qaryan Group has developed an extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of metal recycling, and has successfully positioned itself as one of the leading metal recycling, processing and trading companies in the region.

    Al Qaryan Group initially diversified its business into transportation and logistics, heavy equipment, freight forwarding, general contracting, steel manufacturing, re-rolling and wooden pallet manufacturing.

  • Al Qaryan Group has since consolidated its core business by setting up intricate metal recycling plants, including copper, E-waste and PVC recycling. Al Qaryan Group has also undertaken elaborate plant dismantling projects, and provided long-term ‘onsite’ metal recycling services to major industrial corporations in the Kingdom.

    Al Qaryan Steel Company, Metals Recycling Company, National Metal Recycling Company, Eastern Pallet Factory, Steel & Alloys Company Limited and Jana Marine Services all complement Al Qaryan Group’s ambitious diversification and expansion strategy. The pipe division of Al Qaryan Group has emerged as one of the leading suppliers of carbon steel pipes and steel structural products
    in the region

  • With state-of-the-art scrap metal recycling,  processing and information technologies, Al Qaryan Group is able to produce high quality competitive products to international standards. Through enduring relationships and strong credibility with local and regional scrap metal suppliers, Al Qaryan Group is able to maintain a 24/7 stock-ready position for scrap metal products.

    Al Qaryan Group’s ‘end-to-end’ metal recycling services contribute significantly to environmental protection standards. And by applying best business practices and full compliance to International health & safety and environment standards, Al Qaryan Group also strives to continually improve the work environment and livelihood of all employees and families.

In 2010, Al Qaryan Group embraced its vision for excellence by establishing ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System for the highest product quality and customer satisfaction standards. This accreditation has been retained in compliance with the latest ISO 9001:2015 qualifications.

To sustain market ascendancy and achieve the highest levels of customer service, Al Qaryan Group is committed to continuously improving and strengthening its infrastructure and capabilities. Thereby fulfilling the challenging global market demands for scrap metal.